Mushroom Disco Light

Mushroom Disco Light

mushroom disco light -- With 9 RGBW+UV LEDs, the 5-in-1 UVO enables both wash light and black light applications, and a total of 84 LEDs generate mesmerizing RGBA flower effects.

Product Details

mushroom disco light

Model No.: X83

Specification of mushroom disco light:

Colour Spectrum Washlight: RGB+UV

LEDs Washlight: 9PCS 4W RGBA

Number of LEDs Flower Effect: 84

Strobe: 12PCS 0.5W white

DMX mode: 3/5/12/27/ 32

DMX Functions: auto programs, Flower, Laser, strobe, Wash, sound programs.

Features of mushroom disco light:

1. wash light, UV light, flower effect, strobe and laser in a single fixture for impressive and multi-faceted lighting.

2. The strobe features 12 powerful white LEDs producing ultra bright high-speed flashes while red and green diodes project razor-sharp laser beams.

Pictures show of mushroom disco light:

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